Infinite Energy: Harnessing the Power of the Sun

So you want to harness the full power of the sun? Well the unrealistic and complicated solution is to create a Dyson Swarm. A Dyson Swarm is a gargantuan collection of solar panels orbiting in space adjacent to the sun. It is possible to build, but you need a couple trillion (or perhaps quadrillion) dollars, a space fleet and a lot of engineers. Easy! Ok, let’s get started.

A semi realistic representation of what a Dyson Swarm would look like

First you are going to set up a base on mercury. We will start on mercury as it has lots of raw materials, is close to the sun, has no atmosphere and 1/3 earths gravity, making it easy to manufacture and launch material into orbit around the sun. Then you are going to begin mining materials such as carbon, silicon and metals such as iron to create electronics. Next, you expand your base to create a factory. This factory will produce thousands of mirrors using the aforementioned materials. Then you build a large railgun and begin shooting these mirrors into orbit around the sun, creating a solar reflector farm in space. The solar reflectors will be shot into orbit in such a way that they focus to a central point.

An example of a solar reflector farm here on Earth

Next you build another factory which will be made for solar panel production. But these won’t be any regular solar panels! They will be made of graphene, a one atom thick super material which is lighter than a feather and can stop a bullet. The solar panels will then be shot into space using your railgun. These solar panels will be used as collectors, placed in the central focus point. These panels will then use lasers to beam the electricity generated anywhere in the solar system.

An example of the atomic structure of graphene

Isn’t this a fascinating possibility for our future? A future of unlimited energy and a way to expand humanities horizons with minimal terrestrial effects. Imagine the things we could do with unlimited free energy, we could have desalination plants flooding and greening the desert for the price of building and maintaining the plants and pipes, a world with free energy, a world with no power lines, a world with no power bills, a world where electricity comes from space. A world where space travel is easy and the possibilities are endless.

What do you think? Please leave your insights below.

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