How To Blow Up A Solar System Using Mirrors!

If you have ever watched an ice skater pull their arms in to spin faster you probably know that smaller things spin faster. Stars spin, sometimes quite quickly. But, because they are so large, it’s difficult for them to go above a certain speed. However, a funny thing happens when some large stars reach the end of their life. At the end of their life, large stars will collapse, compressing a majority of their mass into a black hole which is massively smaller than the star it came from. If that star was spinning, the black hole it forms will be spinning at incredible speeds. The fastest ever recorded was spinning at 84% the speed of light! Or, 251825 kilometres a second!BlackHoles1.jpg

How Can We Use It To Blow Up The Solar System?

Well, let’s imagine your swimming with a backpack on. All of a sudden, you enter a whirlpool. If you swim with the flow, you begin to go very fast. But you can’t get out. So you take of your bag, your bag spirals into the whirlpool and you swim out way faster than you were ever swimming before. Now, what just happened there. You traded a bit of your mass and in exchange, the whirlpool gave you a whole lot more speed. We can do this in the black hole. We set up a system of mirrors around the blackhole, completely encasing it in mirrors. Then you open up a hole in the mirrors and fire a laser into it (kinda like this)Screen Shot 2019-04-06 at 11.07.06 am.png

The laser begins going around the edge of the black hole. Little bits of light go into the black hole and in exchange, the black hole gives the light a whole lot more energy! the light keeps on being reflected back and fourth by the mirrors. It gains energy, keeps on bouncing around until the mirrors can no longer contain the light and the system explodes in an explosion the size of a supernova! For some reference, thats more than 2.4 yotta tonnes or TNT or an amount of TNT over a trillion times the mass of the Earth.

Can We Use This for Anything Constructive?

Yes, in an unimaginable amount of time, every star in the universe will run out of fuel and the lights will fade, leaving the planets in darkness. If there are any living things still alive, they will need energy. Without energy, they to will fade into the cold and dark. In order to use it for energy purposes, you simply open up one of the mirrors when the energy begins building up and collect the massive amounts of energy which exit with solar panels, heat generators or some other future energy collector.


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