What Would Aliens Look Like?

First, I would like to say that I am no alienatoligist or expert on this subject (if such a person exists) and all of my “research” is pretty much speculation and wikipediaing.

And so, without further adue, what would intelligent, technologically advanced aliens look like? Well, lets start with a few assumptions:

  1. Aliens Will Live on Land: background-ground-1.pngIts likely that intelligent, technologically advanced aliens will live on the land of a rocky planet. This is because, in order to carry, manipulate and change objects, you need hands (and an aposable thumb). Generally, hands arn’t great for swimmming (flippers are better) or flying (wings are better) and so, technologically advanced aliens will likely live on the ground. It just so happens, that electricity is very difficult to control underwater.
  2. Aliens Won’t Have Some Weird 6th Sense:36042c2811c9417b38843c452924a938.jpg First, humans have many many senses, up to 21. What I mean is that aliens may have another major sense in addition to sight, smell, hearing, touch and taste. For example, sharks have “electroception” and snakes have thermal sensors. If aliens have a weird, forign 6th sense, they may evolve very differently and look unlike anything we could have ever imagined.
  3. Technologically Advanced Aliens Will Have a Brain and DNA:image.jpgNow, as you know, we humans have a brain to control our body. Animals can have some pretty weird brains but generally, animals will have a centralised or decentralised brain and nervus system. But, non animal living things such as plants or fungus don’t have a brain and so such aliens might not need a brain, although it is unlikely. Secondly, if aliens don’t have DNA (or RNA for that matter) they would be COMPLETELY different to every living thing on Earth as they would likely evolve in a different way.

Ok, Now What Would They Look Like?

Assuming that they live on an Earth like planet, they might look like oddly shaped humans. If their planet has higher gravity, they may be shorter. If the planet has lower gravity they may be taller. If their planet is brighter, they will likely have darker skin and if the planet is darker they will likely have lighter skin. The contents of the atmosphere would probably change their skin composition and lungs as well. They may walk on four legs like chimps, especially if they are heavier or they live on a planet with higher gravity. Their mouths look may be large or small depending on what they eat. Or, perhaps this is all wrong and aliens would look like something that we could never imagine, like this,Xenomorph-from-Alien-Covenant.jpg

Assuming they live on a planet similar to Earth, obey the above assuptions and comply the laws of evolution, they will likely look something like humans. So perhaps, the hollywood illustrations of little grey men and “the predator” aren’t so far fetched!



Thanks for reading, please like, follow, share and leave any insights you have in the comments below. If you want expand your knowledge, please check out my other articles below.

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