Elon Musk’s NeuraLink: Connecting Our Brains To The Internet!

Imagine It!


Imagine being able to know anything with just a thought! You think, what is the square root of pie? Boom! there it is in your head. Who was Napoleon the third? You already know. Imagine that! With a little chip in your head, you would have access to the entire internet inside your own head! So how does it work? How far off it is? What can we do with it?

How Will It Work?


Our brain runs on electricity. Electrical impulses run from neuron to neuron. Neurons, are the basis of the brain and billions of the all interact to form our thoughts, create our movements and run our body. Since our brain runs on electricity, that means it can be influenced by electricity. We get a computer chip. This super advanced computer chip will be placed on the front top side of the brain (this is where the smart part of our brain is, AKA the frontal lobe). In the future, another could be put on the back of bottom back part of the brain (AKA the occipital lobe) so that the chip could create vision. Imagine that! Artificially created hallucinations! You wouldn’t need tv or a phone, an artificial chip could create the images inside your own head! Anyway, back to the other bit. The bit on frontal lobe would monitor our thoughts. When it detects a thought like “siri, will you be my life-partner” the chip will look up the answer on the internet and the electrodes on the chip will induce thoughts in your head like “My End User Licensing Agreement does not cover marriage. My apologies.” (ouch)

When Can I Get It!?


Well, not for a while. But not as long as you may think. Early models could be a bit over a decade away. Later models which create images in your brain may be more like two, three or four decades away. But wait, if you have a device which can connect to the internet and make you hallucinate, what if someone hacks it! Well, I’ll put it this way, it wouldn’t be fun! You can probably imagine. We’ll just have to wait and see. For now, you have your phone, a bit slow, but still an amazing device.

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