Artificial Intelligence: Computerised Consiousness!

Artificial intelligence (AI), computerised consciousness. Computers which can think for themselves. Today, we humans are on the verge of creating computers that can think like we do and as well as we can. Imagine that, a computer with its own thoughts, its own dreams and perhaps even ambition. It is estimated that such an AI with the same capacity as the human brain would work 20000 times faster than a human brain. What a human does in 20000 years, an AI could do in 1! Which ever nation held such a machine would be the greatest super power the human race has ever seen (possibly leading to world war three). On one hand, this could lead to unimaginable progress. On the other hand, such a machine may become frustrated, it may grow to hate its creators (us humans), it may decide to invade the internet, hack into government agencies and spell the end of the human race.

With That Said, How Can We Make One?

Quantum Computers


Our own brains work by firing little bits of electricity all around them, kinda like a computer. And so, to create a real and proper AI, we just get some nerds and they do some coding. There is just one problem though, the human brain has 100 billion neurons! No computer today can get anywhere even close to that! What is the solution? Quantum computers. Quantum computers can compute exponentially faster than regular computers, once we make them.

Quantum computers are pretty much the only way to create a good and proper AI, it is pretty much impossible to do so without quantum computers or some other future technology.

If you want to see more about how machines learn, watch the video below:


The Problem Of Perception


Look at the photo above. Look at it, go. What do you see? Is it a cut down tree? A place to sit? A monster? The opening scene to a movie? Seriously, which one is it? This is the problem. An AI looks at that and it sees the colour grey, shade 667 or something like that. It doesn’t know its a tree stump, and it will never figure out that this tree stump could be a place to sit. The truth is, this is one of the biggest questions in AI. You can teach it, but that is extremely difficult. Perhaps one day, we will find the answer but, when we do, it will be a technological revolution.

World War III


So, we made that quantum computer, solved the problem of perception and coded an AI. Now we have a being that can think 20000x faster than we can. The balance of power is with the AI. We task it with solving problems. Whats to say that it won’t decide to turn off all our electricity to stop phone addictions and the obesity that is associated with it. Or maybe, it will ask the pope for divine intervention to solve the crisis in the Middle East. Maybe, it will just decide to exterminate half of humanity so that life is ‘better’ for the rest of us. What it will do may be completely absurd and impossible to predict.

But maybe, the AI doesn’t need to hate humans to cause WWIII. Think about it, what ever nation develops this first essentially has the power to take over the world, or at least lead it. If any of the world powers got wind that another country is about to create such a technology, it could lead to a world war. Russia or China or the US or a European country may seize such a technology in order to become the world super power or in order to stop the first scenario. In either case, the development of a super advanced AI would likely lead to ripples through the world.

Technological Singularity


There is another scenario though. It is both the most amazing and the most terrifying. The AI may begin coding and bettering itself. This could lead to a phenomenon known as the technological singularity. Imagine this, the AI codes itself and increases its cognitive ability. In doing so, it becomes more intelligent and so is able to better itself even faster! And even faster, until it has a god like intelligence. It becomes so intelligent that it can do whatever it wants! Now imagine this. Do you hate ants? No, but (probably not anyway) throughout your life thousands, if not millions of ants will die because of your actions. Perhaps an AI will want to have access to the worlds oceans and to do so, for some reason, it has to kill off a city. It doesn’t hate that city and its occupants, it just wants to do what it wants. Such a being would be god-like to us. We would never understand it or its intensions. This could happen in the near future. Or, it may not be possible.


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