The Wonder Material, Graphene

Can you imagine something, a material, thinner than paper, harder than diamond, more conductive than copper and as flexible as plastic. It sounds fake, like something you would put on a space shuttle. But its not, the material that I am talking about is called graphene and it could be the cause of the next technological revolution! Here, watch this video, it explains it well:

What Is It?

The hexagonal structure of graphene and graphite

Do you know pencil lead? Well, its not actually lead, its graphite. Graphite is layers and layers of graphene (as seen above). Its made up of carbon arranged in hexagonal patterns. This structure gives it some amazing properties. First of all, its thin, only 1 atom thick, its also stong, 200x stornger than steel. It is flexible, can work as a solar panel and can conduct electricity with no power loss! That last one is truely revolutionary.

How Can It Cause The Next Tech Revolution?

An illustration of the possible application of graphene in LCD screens

Every time a radical new material is introduced into society, it produces profound changes in society. Think wood, bronze, iron, concrete, textiles and plastics all gave us the ability to produce various new technologies. Graphene though, graphene is greater than all these other materials. We can use it for pretty much everything, anything electronic, medical appliences, super solar panels way better than any others, batteries, housing and windows etc. Pretty much anything. Just imagine what we could do with cheap, mass produced graphene. Well, you might not have to for long.

When Can We Have It!?

A roll of graphene

Soon, or maybe not. It costs more than $400 a gram. But, as it becomes cheaper, prices will fall. Maybe our lives will be full of graphene next year, or maybe never. Its difficult to know.

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