We Are Going Back To The Moon By 2024!

NASA recently released a video explaining how you and me are going to live on the moon! Here it is:


Alright, How Are We Going To Do It?

Astronaut on moon

So, this moon mission is going to be hard, really hard. But we are good at doing hard things. We’ve already been to the moon and now we are going to stay. First of all, where? The moon, duh. More specifically, the poles. The poles have ice, craters to hide in, resources and long, ‘warm’, six month days. A base would be put there, inside a crater to stay. Cool, how are we going to build our base?

The Base

The base will be made up of small pods, dug into the dirt. The base will likely be but into a crater or cave. The pods will be joined up and a place for rockets to land can be put beside these pods. The base might actually look pretty similar to the one below.

A Conceptual Moon Base

Problem No. 1, radiation.

The moon has no atmosphere and no magnetosphere. Radiation from the sun passes through space directly to the moon. To counteract this, we bury the bases in dirt, moon dirt. Our astronauts will live underground in their little pods. This will also help with insulation so we don’t get too cold.

Problem No. 2, Resources

SciFi Greenhouse

What do we need? Food, water and warmth. Ok, so, our base is situated on the poles. There is ice, for water. But what about food and power. Easy, the poles have days which last for 6 months. During this time we use solar power to create power. One of the things we can do with this power is create greenhouses like the one above, fertilised by, let’s call it fecal matter. Furthermore, the moon has heaps of whats called Helium-3. All you need to know about Helium-3 is that we can use it to create unimaginable amounts of energy through fusion. We can export this back to earth, use it to power our base and use it to power super speedy space shuttles. Its so valuable that it would probably make economic sense to export it back to Earth!

How Will It Work?

The ‘Gateway’ Space Station

Well, first NASA will create a base, similar to the ISS which will orbit around the moon. It will be called, ‘Gateway’. This can be used to direct missions to the Moon, Mars and beyond. This will be launched into space on the back of a NASA based rocket called the ‘SLS’ or ‘Space Launch System’ (a bit of a stupid idea considering SpaceX’s BFR will be developed within a similar timeframe). From the Gateway and the SLS, a few pods will be shipped down to the moon. By 2024, humans will begin inhabiting these pods. Slowly, over years and years, the base will develop until one day, we may have a fully fledged city on the moon!

Moon City!

Isn’t this incredible!? Thanks for reading, what do you think? Please subscribe if you want to hear more, (click the button in the top left and enter your email), like, share and leave any insights you may have in the comments below.

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